Terms of Use

Terms of Use

All content in this website is for information purposes only and it might be changed without notice. Pro 7 Consultancy Limited, or its employees, is not responsible for eventual damages arising out of the information provided in the website or brochures.

Pro 7 Consultancy Limited is neither liable, directly or indirectly, for any omission or error nor responsible for any loss that may arise there from. A buyer should investigate by his/her own independent means that all matters arisen from the content of this web site are properly dealt with and that all information is correct. Therefore you should not count on the declarations made by Pro 7 Consultancy Limited in writing or by word about the properties, its condition or value.

Estimates and profit forecasts are only indicative. Please note that Pro 7 Consultancy Limited is not a regulated body under the Financial Services Authority, thus it is not providing financial advice. Therefore, buyers/investors are encouraged to look for an adequate financial guidance. All particulars in relation to property development should not be considered as an offer or contract, nor be relied upon.

Pro 7 Consultancy Limited is an acting intermediary and/or agent for buyers and will mediate with both parties (developers and solicitors) to support the buyer/investor at the time of purchase. Although Pro 7 Consultancy Limited will make its best to notify a buyer of any changes to a property development (e.g. Plans, layout, design, timelines), please be aware that these are likely to happen at any time without prior notification and Pro 7 Consultancy Limited cannot be held liable for these. Hence Pro 7 Consultancy Limited strongly recommends the service of a solicitor contracted by the purchaser in order for him to check all materials (plans and stipulations) attached to his/her contract. The developer reserves its right to modify any part of a development.

Pro 7 Consultancy Limited may be in the condition to suggest a solicitor in the country of the development to act on behalf of the buyer. However, it is the buyer’s whole responsibility to ensure that all paperwork and legal documentation is properly completed. Pro 7 Consultancy Limited cannot be held liable for the advice given by the suggested solicitor to the buyer.

Pro 7 Consultancy Limited cannot be held responsible for an eventual non-delivery or delay in the proposed deadline by the developer. Again, purchasers should satisfy their own checks on the development they intend to buy.

The reservation fee is non-refundable, unless having agreed otherwise with Pro 7 Consultancy Limited in exceptional occasions. Opinions and views of Pro 7 Consultancy Limited’s employees cannot be considered as an advice of any kind to its clients.

The material in this website is licensed to and/or owned by Pro 7 Consultancy Limited. Reproduction of all material of any kind is prohibited. A claim for damages or a criminal offence may arise for unauthorized use of this website. Any dispute in relation of the use of this website is subject to the laws of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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