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Privacy Notice of Pro 7 Consultancy Limited

This Privacy Notice is effective as of: 24 may 2018

In this whole document, the words `we`, `our`, `us` refer to Pro 7 Consultancy Limited

Pro 7 Consultancy Limited is a company registered in England and Wales and its company number is 10389384.

Pro 7 Consultancy Limited has its office registered at:
3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, England W1B 3HH

This Privacy Notice covers both Pro 7 Consultancy Limited company and its web site


  • This Privacy Notice serves to inform you about the information we record about you. It details the conditions under which we might process any information collected from you or that you provided to us. It contains both information that could identify you (`personal information`) and information that could not. In a legal context and in this Privacy Notice, `process` means collect, store, use, transfer or act on information.
  • Should you not be happy with any of the above and below points, regrettably our only option is to ask you to leave immediately our web site and also not to make use of any service provided by our company.
  • Our company takes very seriously the protection of your privacy and confidentiality. All visitors to our web site must understand that their personal data is not and will not be used for any purpose unwanted by them. Furthermore, none of your personal data will fall accidentally into the hands of a third party.
  • We strive to preserve the confidentiality of any information you provide to us, and equally we expect reciprocity from you.
  • Our Privacy Notice complies with the current UK Law, and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Law commands us to tell you about your rights and our obligations in reference to the processing and control of your personal data.
  • In certain exceptions detailed below, Pro 7 Consultancy Limited does not share, sell, or disclose to third parties any information collected in and from our website.


  • We are required by Law to determine how we process your personal information under 6 defined bases. We must notify you about the process and the bases.
  • Should a basis used to process your personal information be no longer relevant, your data processing shall immediately be stopped.
  • Should there be a change in the basis and if required by Law, then we shall inform you of the change and notify you of the new basis with which we can continue processing your information.
  • We might process information about you in view of a contractual obligation with you.
  • A contract between you and our company is formed when you make an account on our website, or buy a product service property via us, or simply agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice of our company.
  • To be able to fulfil the obligations of the contract between you and us, we must process the information, including but not limited to personal information, you provide us with.

We might use it in the following manners:

  • To verify your identity for security reasons.
  • To complete the steps required in the acquisition of a property.
  • To provide your solicitor, banker or mortgage broker with pertaining information.
  • To sell products and / or provide you with services
  • To give you advice on products / services
  • The information is processed based on the contract between us or it may also be the case that you have asked us to utilize the information before entering into a legal contract.
  • The processing of the information by us shall continue until the contract between Pro 7 Consultancy Limited and you end or until the contract is terminated by either one under the conditions of the contract.

We process information with your consent:

  • When there is no contractual relation between us, but you are browsing our web site, and as a result you may be asking us to provide you with more information about our business/products/services, then in this instance you would provide us with your consent to process your information including personal information.
  • If it is possible we try to obtain your consent to process your information and an example could be to ask you to agree to the use of cookies in our website.
  • At times it may be the case that you provide us with your consent implicitly like when you email us therefore expecting of course a reply from us.
  • With the exception of us using your information for a specific reason with your consent, our company does not use your information in any format that might identify you personally.
  • Your information might be used though to see internally in our company the performance of the web site or a particular page of the web site of Pro 7 Consultancy Limited; this is known as class information.
  • The processing of your information continues until your consent is withdrawn by you or we can reasonably assume the non-existence of your consent.
  • At any time you can terminate your consent by emailing us at and, when withdrawing your consent it is intended that you might not be able to use our services and web site any longer.

We process information based on legitimate interest and legal obligation
The purpose of Pro 7 Consultancy Limited is to market and sell on behalf of developers and main agents alike property investment opportunities in the UK. To this extent it becomes our legitimate interest to collect and process personal information in order to carry on our duties. Therefore the personal information of yours that we process is necessary in line with our business obligations with the genuine reason being helping you in your property investing discovery. As such it is not our intention to harm you nor your rights or interests.

Because we oblige to the law like anybody else, at times it is a must for us to process your information to be compliant with statutory obligations. As an example, if a legal authority, with proper authorization like a court order or search warrant, requests us to provide them with certain information, we must proceed accordingly. This information does include your personal information.

The collection and use of information
There are different methods being used by us to collect data about you.

One example is a direct exchange or interaction. In the cases you telephone us, email us, post us a letter, see us in person, and fill a form, then you provide us with your identity and contact information. The personal data you give us include:

  • When you buy or show interest in our products or services by using our web site or through the telephone;
  • When you join our newsletter;
  • When you request us to send you marketing material by giving us your email address or telephone number or meet us in person or visit our social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram;
  • When you fill in a form and opt in to obtain marketing material;
  • When you participate to an event

In view of improving our services to you we may need to collect different information on you such as:

  • Full name and job title
  • Email address
  • Address (including the post code)
  • Phone number
  • Preference and interests
  • Information about any property you may have purchased including but not limited to purchase price, deposit, property type and details
  • Data related to the use of our web site by you
  • Any other information pertaining your contact request and enquiry
  • Telephone conversations may be recorded, both to us and by us

In specific instances we might have to provide your contact details to a third party in order to complete the property purchase process, such as the case of having to share your contact details with a solicitor, and or a mortgage broker.

Replying to your contact request
In the case you telephone us or send us an email also through our web site, we collect your data as provided by you and this enables us to reply to you with the information you want. We have to record the request you made and also our reply for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of Pro 7 Consultancy Limited. In order to provide a good service, we must keep information related to your message like your name and email address for the purpose of being able to trace our exchange of communication.

As described in “” cookies are “small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can contain some script which is aware of the data in the cookie and so is able to carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.”

Some cookies last for a specific time frame, like one day, and some others last forever. Yet you are able to delete the cookies in your web browser or you can limit the use of cookies through your web site.

The web site of Pro 7 Consultancy Limited uses cookies and there may by cookies also placed by a third party whose service our company uses.

The first time you visit our web site, you are notified immediately about the site using cookies and in order for you to navigate the same, you must accept the use of cookies and our policy in this matter. If not accepted, the navigation of the web site is not possible.

Cookies are used in the following ways:

  • To trace how our web site is used by you
  • To track the specific messages and pages you have visited
  • To record the answers you provide us with in relation to questionnaires, contact details form while being completed

Certain information like geographical location, IP address, and internet service provider are recorded by us.

The above information is used by us in order to determine the popularity of our web site and its individual pages and its content with the purpose of increasing the service and experience to you.

When all this information is combined, also previous visits, the data allows us to possibly identify you as the end user of our service web site even if you are not signed into our web site.

Disclosure, sharing, retention of information and data

Pro 7 Consultancy Limited keeps your personal information and data as long as we believe it to be required by us:

  • In order to give you the service you have asked for
  • In order to comply with the Law (demands by a court could be an example)

Access to your information and data
You may request any time to obtain a copy of your personal information that Pro 7 Consultancy Limited holds about you by sending an email to

After we have received your request, you can expect a reply from us to provide you with the timing and if applicable if we require to apply any fee for the provision of your personal data.

If you desire that we erase your personal information and data from our web site, please clearly express so in writing by sending us an email to

By deleting your data, you may not be able to use our web site and related services.

In case you send us a request for accessing, editing or deleting your personal information, the first step we take would be to make sure of your identity with a verification and this is crucial for safeguarding your own information.

Children`s use of web site

  • Pro 7 Consultancy Limited does not sell nor market products or services to children.
  • In case you are below the age of 18, we recommend you to seek your parental or guardian permission for the use of our web site.

When a complaint is received, we have to record the information you have provided us with, then we attempt to resolve the complaint.

Though rarely the case, it may occur that we might need to contact another person in order to solve your complaint, and if this is the case, it is up to our own discretion what information is passed on to this other person for the purpose of solving your complaint.

In case there is a complaint about the content of our web site, we will enquire as soon as possible into the very nature of your complaint. If we think your complaint is justifiable or we think it is required by law, then we remove the content whilst keeping an internal investigation open.

If we believe your complaint to be base less, we might choose not to reply to your request.

How to complain

  • In case you are not happy with our privacy policy or in case you have a complaint, please tell us so by email,
  • In case a complaint is not solved, our hope is to keep trying solving the complaint or dispute through a process of mediation and arbitration in the spirit of good faith
  • In case you are not happy with the method we process your personal information, you are entitled to lodge your complaint with the Information Commissioner´s Office and you can do this at

Law Compliance
Our privacy policy has been constructed in order to comply with the law of several countries and jurisdictions where we intend to do business with and in. In case our privacy policy should not be compliant with your own jurisdiction, we ask you kindly to please tell us by emailing us on

We wish to let you know that it is our first and last right and choice to determine if you wish to use our web site.

Review and update
This privacy policy may be updated from time to time as deem fit by us. The applicable privacy policy is the one you read at the moment you use our web site. Please print a copy for your own record.

For any question inherent to our privacy policy please email us on

Get in touch with us

+44 208 133 2556

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website. If you have any query, please contact us by using the contact means available in this page. You may also use the email form to send us a message. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and will revert back to you within 24 hours.

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